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Ashley Lindsey

Ashley Lindsey is an artist who was born and raised in Alabama. As a child, she was never far from art: her grandmother had gone to an art-focused high school in New York City and her mother was a magician with a  sewing machine. She was also never far from nature, growing up in a rural part of North-Western Alabama where her father at one time raised cows and where she was encouraged to enjoy the bounty of the outdoors. After graduating the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and Minors in Art History and Japanese in 2010, she worked for several years as graphic designer; although while attending UAB, traditional  printmaking was her passion and focus. Having had a stressful home-life and then developing a panic disorder in college, her artwork is a mix of her memories, mental and physical environments, and her approach as a designer: is it a “calm” where her over-active brain can coupe with everyday stresses through a use of bright colors, bold patterns, and obsessive attention to details. She works in a variety of mediums, with subjects drawn from her love of Japanese and “Southern” Culture, traditional print media, and her childhood fascination with traditional crafts. She is currently living in Tokyo, Japan as a language student, but when she is not on some adventure, she loves to cuddle up with her artist husband John, their Australian Cattle Dog, Fozzy, and their three cats, Ari, Bibi, and Luna.

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