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Ashley Lindsey

Ashley Lindey’s art is her narrative, based on memories visually fused with influences from other cultures and everyday interactions. Growing up being uncomfortable with her personal and cultural surroundings. she became obsessed with creating imaginary scenarios and places based off of different civilizations, where she could have a sense of belonging. As an adult comfortable in her own skin, her obsessive nature still presents itself at every opportunity. Her work became a display for the emotions she has as an adult fused to the dreams she had as a child. She works in Graphic Design, Illustration, and Printmaking. These mediums allow an artist to hand-work an image and constantly change and develop it. Ashley works with lots of color and strong outlines to identify the borders we draw between the real and surreal as adults, but with various colors and backgrounds that have been altered multiple times that give the impression of how our hopes and dreams as children are joyful, but are fleeting and constantly changing.

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