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Become an Artist

Naked Art is a gallery that focuses on functional art - i.e. art that serves more than an aesthetic purpose - the gallery also shows wall pieces by untraditional artists.

- Art is taken on consignment.
- No sculpture, unless it hangs on the wall.
- Priority is given to artwork made with recycled materials.
- We show works created by emerging artists and try to keep our prices affordable to new collectors, so please make sure that this venue if right for you before applying.
- Because of a room issue, we unfortunately have to refuse a large number of submissions.
. we now focus on Alabama artists.
. wall-pieces-making-artists must be exclusive with our gallery in the greater Birmingham area.
. for functional art, we give priority to artists who will give us exclusivity in the greater Birmingham area.

We only take submissions through e-mail. Please send 6 low-res but good quality jpegs to mail(at) Include medium, size and retail price for each piece, along with a short bio, if you have a website or Facebook page for your work, please include it, but we still will need for you to send us the above info in an e-mail.
- We look at all submissions, but will not be able to judge your work without all the above information.

If we decide that your artwork is right for the gallery's style, we will set up an appointment with you.

Please do not submit during weeks of events. We are not accepting submissions from June 15 - August 10 and during the month of December.